Partner (Spouse or Civil Partner) Entry Clearance Requirements:


Entry clearance as a partner allows spouses, unmarried or same-sex partners and fiances of British citizens or persons who are present or settled in the United Kingdom to come and join their other family members in the UK.




Who can apply for entry clearance under this category?



  • Spouse (husband, wife or civil partner); or
  • Unmarried or same-sex partner; or
  • Fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner.



What are the main requirements which the applicant needs to meet in order to qualify under this category?



  • The sponsor needs to be either a British citizen or an individual with indefinite leave to remain (settlement) and furthermore they need to be present and settled in the United Kingdom. 
  • The applicant needs to have sufficient knowledge of the English Language which is at Level A1 or above. The minimum test to pass is the 'Key English Test' (KET). 
  • The sponsor and the applicant must have met.
  • The relationship between the parties subsists. 
  • The sponsor is able to maintain the applicant and any other dependants. With the changes in the immigration rules (with effect of 9th July 2012) the sponsor needs to demonstrate that he/she earns a sum of money in excess of £18,600. This amount of money is higher if more dependent children are joining the sponsor in the UK. 
  • Please note the High Court decision which legalised the Home Office [Immigration Rules] requirements of £18,600.00 
  • The sponsor is able to accommodate the applicant and any other dependants joining him/her in the UK. 
  • The applicant and any other dependant children may be required to satisfy medical health requirements (depending on the country that he/she is coming from).
  • The applicant needs to demonstrate good character requirements (no unspent criminal convictions in the UK or overseas).
  • Please note new changes in the requirement of English language and the Life in the UK test after 28 November 2013 [For settlement purposes or applying for naturalisation].



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